More North Korean Defectors Supporting Moon Jae-in, Shifting View On Pyongyang

The Nikkei Asian Review recently published a piece on rather surprising Moon Jae-in supporters leading up to the special election he won to replace former President Park Geun-hye who current remains jailed following her impeachment. Moon’s support from this group was so surprising, it’s even been dubbed “the great sensation”. Who are they? North Korean defectors.

Melbourne-based reporter John Power has spent several years living in & writing about the Korean Peninsula & continues to cover issues affecting the area. John spoke with Korea FM reporter Chance Dorland about his recent report for the Nikkei Asian Review & the research he conducted into the divide among North Korean defectors’ preference for presidential candidates & plans for future engagement with Pyongyang. Find more of John’s findings in his story, “North Korean defectors divided on Seoul détente”, at

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