Colombian Accuses Busan Police Of Discrimination After Costco Assault

Colombian Leo Mendoza has lived in South Korea for 16 years. He’s married to Korean & is a well known member of the Busan community for his work with a local dog shelter. Recently, he & his wife were shopping at Costco, & according to Mendoza, he was attacked by an older Korean man after a disagreement over how he & his wife spoke to the man’s family after their young daughter was almost hit by a car. After police arrived on the scene, it became clear to Mendoza that he & his wife’s request to file charges was not being taken seriously, & after several hours explaining their version of events to authorities at multiple police stations, the tables were turned as Mendoza’s attacker claimed he was the victim, & Leo was told by police he was being arrested for assault. He & his wife quickly tuned to Facebook to describe their version of events on a public post that quickly went viral, & Mendoza also spoke with Korea FM reporter Chance Dorland to tell his story & warn other foreigners in South Korea to not get involved in other people’s affairs as racism & police discrimination will likely cause foreigners to lose their rights. Find more of Leo Mendoza’s version of events on his Facebook page here –

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  1. Don’t fall to the “please understand our unique culture horseshit.: I’ve heard that for 10 years and not much has changed.

  2. They say bad things happen to people that wear Crocs in public. Maybe this is why I never see them in public, hmmm. Also, I empathize with the guy that got assaulted. No way I’m getting my ass kicked by an old guy and not spinning the story.

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