Only In Korea Podcast: Internet Trolls, New Admins & Hell Joseon

OinK‘s intense trolling has led to group administrator changes.
And Travis & Chance discuss “Hell Joseon,” the term that embodies all that is wrong with South Korean education and work culture.

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One comment

  1. Hey there! First time listener to you podcast. I am a fellow Iowan (Des Moines) so always kind of cool to run into another Iowan. Travis Hull is a great guy I have had the pleasure to meet with him a couple of times. Once at an Oink meetup and another on a Korea Photography outing. I think he is doing a great job running the Oink page. I personally left Oink long ago as I work for a large company here in Korea that would not take to kindly to me being associated with a lot of the questionable content that goes down on Oink. It is unfortunate because there is actually a lot of great stuff you get off of the Oink page but it has been overrun with people that just should not be in Korea or overseas in general. I have my gripes with Korea (and Japan before here) but really they are relatively small gripes. Anyway just wanted to say this was an interesting podcast and I will be following a bit more in the future. Good job.

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